Amy | Senior

This post is very dear to my heart. Amy is a special lady you see. Before she was even born her sister and I, Kristy, grew up together - sunday school at church then later becoming friends at Eastern Mennonite High School + playing rec. league basketball together. Kristy and I would babysit Amy when she was just a little bean, and I will always remember our fun chats over Chanellos Pizza and Slurge Slurpies. When she was just 15, her precious life was taken from us after a tragic car accident. Some years later, I was honored to have Amy stand beside Travis and I as a junior bridesmaid, carrying yellow roses in honor of Kristy's favorite color in our wedding in 2006. I can hardly believe she has now grown up to become a beautiful young woman.

Enjoy her beauty, which was only enhanced by a beautiful sunflower field for her senior photos last summer.