The Dameron Family!

I know what your thinking. Wait, she's still around? She's still blogging? haha. Life as a mom is WONDERFUL, crazy, joyful, wild and adventurous. I have an amazing friend that keeps the kids one day a week (ALYSSA, you are my saving grace!) and my mother in law another day. So sometimes this poor little blog doesn't get much attention. It's work work work, edit edit edit! Summer life as a momma is busy. Filled with lots of pool water, tears, scrapped knees and popsicles. Everytime I catch myself feeling like this busy HOT summer life is rough I'm quickly reminded how fast summer goes and how absolutely amazing summer days are.

I just love the Dameron Family! I've always enjoyed my time with their sweet family. I started photographing them with their 2nd little boy was a newborn and they now just welcomed their 4th child, little Elin!

Enjoy a few favorites of our time together!