Knoched VA | Jay's Antiques

I had privelage of seeing the magic happen behind knoched VA a couple days ago! Brad builds reclaimed wood furniture, now branching out to urban wood renewal and beyond. Brad recently partnered with local natives, Willow Run Lumber, Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation, Department of Forestry and WHSV to use old Ash trees that unavoidably had to be cut down at Heritage Oaks Golf Course because of the infestation of bugs. Brad took these trees and created gorgeous conference tables for Harrisonburg Downtown Rennisance’s new space! You can watch the local news featuring his work and how the community came together to make this happen here!

Back to the current adventure! Brad and I traveled the backroads to Broadway VA where we met Jay, a local farmer and antique dealer who allowed Brad to look through and purchase wood for a dining room table he’s making for a local family. The red oak Jay provided came from the 1900’s from a place called “The Pottery” in Broadway. I’m excited to see it come to life!

Enjoy a few favorites of our time with Jay!