We make thousands of choices each day. Our thoughts affect our choices and our choices affect our families, our jobs, our decisions to “go or not to go” and completely reflect how we live our life.

Recently I’ve been reading the book “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks and it’s really opened my eyes to how profound our thoughts are to the choices we make. The choices that reflect our future and if our direction and path in life becomes a reality or fizzles out to become just another fleeing thought.

Regardless what happens in our lives, we really have the choice in our hand wether we will take the opportunity to give every. single. moment LIFE and use it. Use it to better ourselves. To better others. To use each little tiny opportunity as a gift.

You only hear what you are ready to hear.

This is one of my favorite quotes from the book thus far. When we are ready to start understanding that the little choices we make every day are affecting the outcome of this short life on earth, we can really start to see how beautiful it is. That this life is in our hands. With your higher power by your side, you can really achieve your wildest dreams. I did an exercise recently where I wrote down my ideal life and what I ultimately wanted, and I try to read this everyday. The more you believe your dreams, live and breath them, tell them to yourself, I believe they will come to fruition. (HELLO VISION BOARD :)

Something to mediate on today - you have a gift, no matter how much you believe it. You can do anything you want with your life, if you try and believe it. Forget fear, throw it out the window. There is always someone suffering more than you are. It’s OK where you are today. You WILL get where you are going.

I believe in you. Please believe in you too friend.