Living Waters Farm Initiative | Broadway, Virginia

When Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance first asked me to photograph Living Waters Farm Initiative, I was humbled and super grateful for the opportunity. As I browsed their website and read their story, I became anxious to speak with the owners, Travis and Mark, and hear how Living Waters Farm Initiative came to fruition. Because I’m a photographer, and not a writer, I want to pass along to you the beautiful story Katie Mitchell of Harrisonburg wrote on the Harrisonburg Downtown blog!

As I approached the farm last Friday morning, an overwhelming sense of calm and rest came over me. I could tangibly feel and see why this farm will serve as a place of rest and rejuvenation for veterans who suffer from PTSD. A place where they can come together and just “be”. Offering a sense of support to one another in many different ways. There is truly a sense of awe and wonder on the 23 acre farm nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Here are a few of my favorite photos that captured the beauty and wonder of Living Waters Farm Initiative.

Living Waters Farm Initiative is in the beginning stages and has a lot more work ahead of them. If you would be so kind, I know they would very much appreciate a donation or help in any way you can. To do so, visit their website and go fund me page.

Thank you!