Vegan Roasted Root Vegetables with Quinoa and Vegan Sausage | Plant Based Recipes

You asked, I listened! When I asked on my Instagram stories a couple days ago you mentioned you’d like to see plant based recipes and how it affected my health.

First of all let me say I am no licensed professional or doctor, cook or health coach. I DO however know tangibly this worked well for me. Which brings my to my next point. This worked for ME. I whole heartedly believe eating is not a “one size fits all” approach. I believe based on our ancestry, our environment and how our bodies respond to food you have to try what works well for you, and do that.

I did the AIP diet in 2016 when I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, as well as took a food sensitivity testing and that really helped me dial in on how my body responded to food. Although that helped some, I found myself SO stressed out about food that I forgot the fact that it’s not only food that affects our health and well being. There are so many more elements to consider when talking health. The biggest ones being sleep, stress, environmental toxins, food and exercise.

For example, I use to run all. the. time. I completed 6 half marathons, 1 full marathon between 2014-2016 and that for my body was brutal. I had no idea that what I thought was helping me was actually hurting me. For example, the body can’t tell good stress from bad stress. So, I was stressed at home, stressed at my job, and everything in between. When I had a free chance to de-stress (or so I thought) I would go for a run. Little did I know, I was stressing my body even more. Thankfully I’ve healed tremendously and although I don’t run every day, I can run 2-3 miles a few times a week and it works really well for my body.

This past summer I went vegan/plant based for 3 months solid and I couldn’t have felt better. I did however change one thing. I changed my perspective of food. I looked at food as a beautiful addition to my health, not as a stress and chore, worrying if I ate out and what could be lurking in the ingredients.

I decided a few days ago I wanted to go back to full time vegan/plant based. I also believe our bodies can change, so I’m not saying I’ll eat this way forever. But it makes me feel fantastic and I’m ready to get back to feeling good in my skin. But darn, I MISS CHEESE ALREADY :)

Below I wanted to share one of my favorite staple meals. This meal is relatively easy, and full of flavor. One tip I wanted to mention is I make LOTS so I can save this meal and freeze part of it or have it for lunch and dinner on the go for a busier day.


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Knoched VA | Jay's Antiques

I had privelage of seeing the magic happen behind knoched VA a couple days ago! Brad builds reclaimed wood furniture, now branching out to urban wood renewal and beyond. Brad recently partnered with local natives, Willow Run Lumber, Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation, Department of Forestry and WHSV to use old Ash trees that unavoidably had to be cut down at Heritage Oaks Golf Course because of the infestation of bugs. Brad took these trees and created gorgeous conference tables for Harrisonburg Downtown Rennisance’s new space! You can watch the local news featuring his work and how the community came together to make this happen here!

Back to the current adventure! Brad and I traveled the backroads to Broadway VA where we met Jay, a local farmer and antique dealer who allowed Brad to look through and purchase wood for a dining room table he’s making for a local family. The red oak Jay provided came from the 1900’s from a place called “The Pottery” in Broadway. I’m excited to see it come to life!

Enjoy a few favorites of our time with Jay!

Prints + Holiday Cards

I've been SO excited to share this news with you, I've hardly been able to contain myself. When I started doing photography, there was always one part of the process I was sadly missing. I missed seeing the photographs I took come to life. I was literally sitting at my computer one day and I thought to myself, "I think it's time to do my own printing". Just like that, I was ready to take on the next phase of my business. I started researching, praying, pondering, getting other photographer opinions (shout out to all of you!) and decided on my workhorse Epson that joined me in my studio.

What does this mean for you? Less hassle. Getting the very best of your photographs to display. Quick turn around times. Professional grade quality. Right here in my studio. I can't tell you how excited I am. Did I say that already? 

Enough rambling. I wanted to show you my prints (and holiday cards!), up close and personal style...


In celebration for this new possibility, I am giving away a beautiful 8x10 print of your choice! As well as a free 30 minute sitting fee!  

If you are interested in a mini session, I am offering them to a selected group who book before October 1st, 2016. Space is limited so book today! (especially weekends) to book.

To enter the contest, please "share" this post on Instagram or Facebook! Winner will be announced next Monday September 26th.

Happy Monday friends!