Hello 2014!

Hi friends! Thanks for sticking with me! In this "busy" season of life, that I am most absolutely enjoying, my poor little blog is suffering just a tad. BUT I'm still here, still excited about the upcoming season of my business and what 2014 will bring for Molly Whitmore Photography. And with that, I have a few announcements to make...

First off, I am excited I will be booking a select amount of weddings in 2014! With 1 on the calendar and a few more in the works, I'm feeling excited about seeing the FULL love story of life. The engagement, wedding, ...and baby! Although my sweet little family needs mommy at home, I can't deny the fact that I just love photography + seeing the JOY and PURE HAPPINESS the products bring my clients. My happy medium is staying within the reality of balancing my family and my photography, and having said that, I will only be taking a small number of bookings for 2014. Anyone interested or who knows someone who is newely engaged or to be married - please send the bride-(or groom)to-be my way! info@mollywhitmorephotography.com

Second of all, I will soon be announcing a GIVEAWAY! Its been quite a while since I've done one, and I thought it was due time. Please keep checking my facebook page for all the details! The winner will be receiving a beautiful 8x10 framed print from my shoot with Miss Amelia Marie Designs at the Showalter Orchard. You don't want to miss out!

Last, but most definitely not least, is an exciting new Maternity and Newborn promotion I'll be offering! ALL the details to be announced very soon as well! SO many precious little ones are due this spring and it's a wonderful, different and unique baby shower gift you and your friends can go in on together and get for your girlfriend!

So friends, lots of exciting things happening at Molly Whitmore Photography! Stay in touch!

Love to all,


Dilion + Emmie | Engagement

These two. Gorgeous. First session in the snow and I actually LOVED it. The snow makes for a perfect natural reflector, how amazing is that!? Gotta love using the elements God gave us :) Again, the blog has been a little neclected lately. But when my kids are in college maybe I'll have time to revisit the blog more often. Until then, look forward to the next time... ;) Enjoy these two love birds!

Little one.

My sweet little one deserves a little blog attention. Being the 3rd child, the time for taking professional quality images, for her, well... are less and less. I DO hold myself to her monthly shots which I'm excited to put in her 1 year book when she turns 1! But trust me, my phone is filled with sweet photos of her! She is such a good baby. So smiley, easy going, and cuddly. She LOVES to watch people + I have a feeling one day she will absolutely love to help others. Enjoy a post dedicated to just her...