Thanks so much for the pictures. Pidge and Phyllis came this evening to look at them. They thoroughly enjoyed them. They just looked and looked at them. They are thrilled with the posed family pictures. They turned out so well. You definitely have a gift for photography.
— Liz

Thank you so much, Molly. It was so wonderful to work with you. I really appreciate your sweet, kind demeanor, your quick response time to emails, and your beautiful work! And, the biggest reason I chose you as our photographer (outside of your fabulous photos!) was the verse you had on your website! We love supporting like minded professionals!

I just finished looking through them all. There are some AMAZING pictures in there! I love them!!! I don’t know how I will possibly choose which ones to hang up. gosh our walls will be covered!!! you did such an incredible job. thank you so much! I am so excited. I absolutely love them. I can’t wait to get them printed out and to show them to everyone. you are so talented!
— Anna May Stratton

Molly, you did such an amazing job with our pictures. thank you so much! You really captured Missy’s sweet spirit and the special bond that we share. I’ll treasure these photos!

How on earth do you pick a favorite, they are gorgeous and I sent your site to a bunch of people bragging on you! What beautiful pictures.
— Susan Kyger

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! Thank you!! I am so excited!

I JUST saw the pictures! Oh my gosh. what a blessing. that made my day. they are amazing. I love them. I have already sent them out to everyone in my dept to look at as well as all my friends. I love love love them. thank you so much. You are truly gifted.